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We proudly donation a portion of EVERY night light sale to charity.

Donation #20: $100 to Semper K9

Donation #19:  100 to Semper K9

Donation #18:  $45 to Semper K9

Donation #17:  $70 to Semper K9

Donation #16:  $100 to Semper K9 for January - March sales

Donation #15:  $150 to Semper K9 for night lights sold during the awesome 2018 holiday season! 1/3/19

Donation #14:  $45 to Semper K9 for 'Giving Tuesday' 11/28/18

Donation #13:  $100 to Semper K9 in honor of my 1000th night light sold.  10/7/18

Donation #12:  $100 to Semper K9 in honor of my 900th night light sold 9/7//18

Donation #11: $100 to Semper K9 in honor of my 800th night light sold 7/1/18!!

Donation #10:  $100 to Semper K9 in honor of my 700th night light sold 5/30/18!!

Donation #9:  $115 to Semper K9 in honor of my 600th night light sold!

Donation #8:  Custom night lights for Semper K9's April graduating class veteran handlers.  Check this amazing charity out at  Also check out their episode of Returning the Favor with Mike Rowe (

Donation #7:  Night Lights for silent auctions with Heroes Helping Heroes and Pittilove

Donation #6:  $120 to Semper K9 in honor of my 500th night light sale!!

Donation #5:  $100 to Semper K9 ( in recognition of our 400th night light sale!  Please check out this charity, they are doing amazing work rescuing dogs from shelters and training them to be service companions for our brave military vets.  Mention this post when ordering and I will donate $8 for each Custom night light and $3 for each order of my current designs.  I have committed to providing a custom night light as each handler & dog reach graduation to commemorate this milestone as they start their new life together as well as provide night lights for their upcoming events.  Any donation to further their cause helps. Semper K9 is a 501c-3 charity recognized by the IRS. 

Donation #4: $100 worth of Dog Collars For Austin Pets Alive from their Amazon Wish List!  This is an amazing organization helping our animals in desperate need of new homes.  Mention Austin Pets Alive when ordering a custom night light and we will donate $6 for each light to help with their awesome efforts.  Check them out at  

Donation #3:  Bailing Out Benji (  This amazing organization is dedicated to ending the abusive breeding practices of puppy mills.  It's shocking to know how prevalent this abuse is and the horrible conditions these beautiful creatures are kept in.  It's nearly impossible for me to even read about the stories, let alone think about the huge number of dogs that are living their lives this way.   


Donation #2:  Yesterday I sold my 200th Night today I made my newest $100 donation.  I read the most amazing story about Odin, a hero dog who survived the wildfires when his loving family had to make a horribly heartbreaking decision and left him to care for their baby goats and other animals.....not only did he survive, although burnt, weak and hurting, but he protected and saved the baby goats and some deer that had sought him out for protection.  Every day I am reminded what amazing creatures dogs are.  The selfless and loving things they do for us humans is something to celebrate and appreciate.  Here is a link to the story:

Donation #1:  I first read about Semper K9 Assistance Dogs in People Magazine and thought it would be the perfect organization for our first donation.  We're very proud that we've sold enough night lights to fulfill our promise to give $1 from each night light to animal welfare organizations. A little bit about Kemper K9 Assistance Dogs:   


With a lifelong love of animals instilled by parents who bred Labradors and golden retrievers, Chris Baity discovered his professional calling as a dog trainer while interacting with military dogs on a high school Marine ROTC trip.  He went on to serve eight years as a Marine — including three tours of duty in Iraq — teaching combat dogs to detect and locate weapons and explosives. After retiring from the service in 2009, and in his post-military work as contract trainer back home in Woodbridge, Virginia, he realized he could create a new life for shelter dogs by tapping into the same learning skills that made dogs so effective in the field.  In 2014, he and his wife, Amanda, 35, launched Semper K9 Assistance Dogs, which provides free, trained rescue animals to be the equivalent of battle buddies for veterans suffering from physical or mental disabilities.  

You can read more about this organization at and in the People Magazine article that inspired me at  


We hope to be fortunate enough to donate to many more organizations in the future.

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